ENS username registration failed

I have 2 wallets with one has zero and the other one has 10 snt and 0.014 eth.
I was going to register an ENS username then I switched to the wallet that have money in it that is the second one and continue…and at the last phase which I must to sign the transaction I signed it but suddenly it exited from the app and it closed .
I repeated this over and over again but I got the same result
Now I can login to the status app and the money I mean 10 snt and 0.014 eth are in the second wallet

I have checked and there are 2 problems with the Desktop version too, one that it does not show the second wallet when registering ENS which has money in it, the second being that if we want to transfer money from the second wallet to the first wallet, the program will suddenly shut down as if it crashes

Would you please tell me what’s going on?
What’s the problem?


According to the guide from GitHub community below link:

I updated my status app to the latest but again when registering ENS username and transfering between my two wallets the app crashed and close unexpectedly at the final phase when I was going to sign the transaction

Finally I succeeded by using VPN
And also by changing the network in advance setting to something else I could do this without using VPN too

I think the problems caused by internet filtering in my country “Iran”