Expense reimbursement - potential issue with reports

Hi there!

A quick announcement - we recently introduced a new expense policy (i.e. cost centre) in Expensify. Contractors should now be under the Status.im (SGD) policy, with employees under Status.im.

It’s come to our attention that despite our efforts otherwise, the change of policy may have caused disruption for some people by resetting the report default (meaning that expense reports can, if not properly allocated, be under the wrong policy, or none at all).

We think that most people should be unaffected, but posting here to be sure.

You can check you have the right policy by navigating to Reports in the left hand navigation, selecting your expense report, then checking in the top right corner:

In case you have any concerns or questions about your expenses, or just need some help on how to use Expensify, feel free to ping anyone in People Ops/Finance and we’ll be happy to help.

Cheers! (and apologies if your expenses were impacted)

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Only admins should be able to switch policies - everybody else only can navigate in her/his policy. Only those that weren’t following the guidelines might have issues because they didn’t submit everything before the policy change.