Extensions collab: MakerDAO

One Q4 goal for DApps & developers is to collaborate with outside teams on more extensions use cases. We’d like to get feedback from other developers on the alpha product, while adding utility for Status users.

@jeluard + I spent some time today chatting with MakerDAO’s Rich, technical community manager, and Mariano, developer and head of Oracles (/back-end integrations).

The takeaway is that Mariano and Julien will spend some time exploring how to offer basic CDP management functions via chat commands during cryptolife.

A few highlights from the discussion:


  • #1 request from MakerDAO is the ability to send push notifications in scenarios where a CDP has become risky


  • Will extensions be whitelisted by Status? No, they’re totally permissionless, but we’ll provide information to the user about what exactly a particular extension is accessing. We may also create a Trusted Developers program and whitelist specific developers.
  • Can we affect the UI? There’s no limitation on this and eventually should be a possibility. At the moment, developers are fairly boxed in by the one available hook for chat.
  • Is chat an interface that makes sense for interacting with a CDP? Essentially a 1:1 chat for each user would be required to support this kind of user : bot interaction. One option is to revive the console chat as a dedicated space for interacting with DApps. Eventually more customizable UI might make sense, a la WeChat mini apps.

Other ideas for MakerDAO

  • Mini dash or alerting system for risky CDPs (PNs required)
  • Dai savings wallet inside Status wallet

Timeline, takeaways, expectations

  • Status to work on a sandbox environment for chat commands (e.g. console)
  • Status to discuss possibility for push notification services in Prague
  • Mariano to work on basic CDP management command during cryptolife, ask questions, provide thoughts on next steps
  • The ideal scenario is to have a polished MakerDAO extension executable in Status by end of (Status) Q4
  • Feedback from MakerDAO is critical but Status will be heavily involved in the work
  • Once complete, it would be great publish the news & reference the MakerDAO extension in Status developer docs