Extensions feedback

Please share any feedback (questions, suggestions, …) about extensions here !

Thanks for your talk. It’s a very interesting idea of extensions.

I’ve just tested the playground. Unfortunately, I can’t event publish the current demo extension.
Could u help me?
Also, can I ask u a questions during the hack?


please fill free to get in touch!

Can you provide me more details about what is wrong?

Here is a link to the extension I discussed during the talk: Pluto · A grammar for data manipulation

And here is a basic hello world: Pluto · A grammar for data manipulation

Thanks for the examples! I’ve managed to add hello world extension finally. But dtwitt doesn’t work. The Status app wrotes that there is an error in the extension code:

unknown-event parse-twitt
unknown-reference { :value json/parse, :type :event }

I wish you could help me to fix this. Thanks.

You will need latest status nightly to have access to those.

Thanks, now it works with nightly build. Could you, review my extension I showed you.

It simply gets data from user input, puts it in the storage and reads it from the storage than.

The problem is that data interpolation inside bill view text doesn’t work. Could u suggest why?

Could you try this one? Pluto · A grammar for data manipulation

[_ description] means you are ignoring the first element of the array and associating the second one to description.

Could u say if I can upload extension files to IPFS manually? Should extension’s file be in a specific format? What protocol should I use. I’ve already uploaded the extension here https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmPfe61Ljkq9h3B8YiQXsY2NxMyVM8mTF5Yce16xJ6w6hU. But it is not recognized by the status app.

Yes there shouldn’t be any difference really. You can see what the playground is doing here: https://github.com/status-im/pluto/blob/master/website/pages/try.html#L79

Thanks. It looks like the app accepts only links with prefix ‘Status - Download’. So you should manually upload the extension file to ipfs and than add the hash to this prefix. Also it looks like there is a limit on uploading files by ipfs.js. So upload function can be unavailable temporarily.

Just adding this awesome feedback we received via email from Flex DApps to the pile here, for public record. :slight_smile:

In summary: Flex DApps loves the concept of extensions and having a customizable web3 client. They managed to get basic extensions working, but have much more advanced use cases in mind and have offered some really clear feedback on how to possibly enable this.

Really looking forward to collaborating with these guys and seeing what they contribute in pluto.