Extensions ideas

You want to play with extensions but have no idea what to do? Here is a list to start with!

Easy token onboarding

Other exchange integration

Similar to the Kyber extension

Price oracle

Easy interface to provide liquidity

xDai integration

aka Burner wallet

Voting DApp extension


0x integration ideas

Bloom integration (credit)

Discover local groups based on location

Lend money

Secure file exchange

MultiSig UI

Earn interest

Create a prediction market

Status checkout

  • Meritocracy Kudos (although I think this is turning into a reactions, is reactions an extension?)
  • Self Destructing Messages (Timer after Read, deletes itself from client)
  • Stenographic Messages (can’t be read in chat history, long press to enter password to decrypt)
  • Send Photo/Audio/File messages to person (encrypt with recipients pubkey in 1-1/private group chats, deploy to ipfs)

During onboarding, might be nice to present a list of recommended extensions to install? (incuding that guys awesome location extension)

While I’m thinking of location extension, alot of people like the realtime location sharing use-case for finding people.


Cool ideas!

I created some GH issues to track necessary improvements


although I think this is turning into a reactions

What’s a reaction?

location extension? Where can I read up on that?

Multisig extension would be very useful.

In group chats or private messages you should be able to request multisig calls from others.
In web3 it requests Multisig.approve(txnum), but only participants of that multisig should be able to click it (it would throw otherwise).


If people want to do any of these extensions for #STATUSBUIDL Week, sign up here

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