Extensions - syntax

Extensions syntax is still WIP.

This is the latest proposition. The goal is to make sure it is pure edn (no reliance on @), easy to follow and that the same concepts share the same syntax.

{:meta {:name          "Collectibles"
        :description   "Demonstration of collectible command"
        :documentation ""}

 :views {
    (let [{{{symbol :symbol token :token tx-hash :tx-hash} :params} :content outgoing :outgoing timestamp-str :timestamp-str} properties]
        (let [collectible-token (listen :status/get-collectible-token {:symbol symbol :token token}]]
          [:view {:flex-direction :column
                  :align-items    :flex-start}
            [:status/nft-token collectible-token]
            [:view {:color          (if outgoing "#707caf" "#939ba1")
                    :margin-top     6
                    :font-size      12
                    :flex-direction :row}
            [:text {} "Sent at "] [:text {} timestamp-str]]
            [:status/send-status tx-hash outgoing]]))

    (let [{{{symbol :symbol} :params} :content outgoing :outgoing} properties]
        [:view {:flex-direction :row
                :align-items    :flex-start}
        [:text {} (if outgoing "Sent " "Received ")]
        [:text {} symbol]])}

  :events {
      (event :status/ethereum.send-transaction {:from "" :params {}})

  :hooks {
    {:description   "Collectible"
     :scope         #{:personal-chats :public-chats}
     :preview       (ref :view preview)
     :short-preview (ref :view :short-preview)
     :on-send       (ref :event :send-nft-tokens)
     :parameters    [{:id          :symbol
                      :type        :text
                      :placeholder "Collectible symbol"
                      :suggestions (ref :view :status/asset-selector)}
                     {:id          :token
                      :type        :number
                      :placeholder "Collectible token"
                      :suggestions (ref :view :status/token-selector)}]}}}