Extra features for "notes for myself"

Idea name: Extra features for “notes for myself”.
Description: Being able to write to myself in the messenger is excellent and very practical, if we have extra options like reminders, to-do list and etc. it would be incredible and very awesome for Status users.
Use case: As a user, I want to be able to write down in different formats, such as “reminders” and “to-do list” so that my Status note experience is rich and different.
Target user: All users who will benefit from additional features to annotations.
Why this is important: Notes feature on messengers is relatively common and extremely useful, as it helps us organize ideas, shopping lists and so much other information relevant to us. However, there is room to go beyond the obvious and offer extra features to annotations making it even more useful and attractive.

I found in Figma and Wrike the idea of the “notes for myself” feature, and this is very good, but I would like to open space for a debate to add features to notes.

I recently saw that Viber offers this same feature but with the possibility of creating reminders, tasks and more. It would be extremely aggregating and useful if the Status annotations had similar features.

Any other comments:

screenshot of the feature in viber.

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

Thats a great feature , i would say “to-do list” will be useful in regular messages as well, for example someone could send you a shopping list and you can check the items during shopping , i even did this and tested with extensions, but it didn’t see the light :frowning: but it should be simple to add without extensions


I agree, it can be a nice feature for a chat extension when we’ll have those. We should probably make a list of all ideas for chat extensions to evaluate what the framework needs.


Speaking of chat extensions, if I can add a few more ideas to this discussion, I would like to bring to the debate other interesting features for Status.

“Freehand drawing” or “scribble”. It is something already seen in some messengers like iMessenger, Wire, Viber and there must be others who have something similar.


Translate messages

I don’t know if I should open a specific topic for each item I showed here, so I’m sorry if I made a mistake.


I’m so excited with your idea @Alice, looking forward for translation and polls :slight_smile:


“Calendar” extension

Send a card with title, specific date and can count on a time, at which you (and others) can “save it” for later access and / or be alerted when the date approaches.

What I think is not about a complex and complete calendar, but something more simple and useful within a chat.


In groups it could have a “mark presence” feature.


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can be done with https://discuss.status.im/t/statusbuidl-week-javascript-api-for-contributions-in-status-react-built-in-extensions/2034


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