Fast crypto to fiat solutions

This is my first topic as your new legal counsel in Status. :slightly_smiling_face: So something practical and to hear maybe about some other options from everyone. Target is the speed of exchange! Not that I want to endorse exchange, do hodl, but just in case of need…

I would like to share good fast options for everyone in need to switch crypto to fiat very fast from my experience:

  1. MrTango Lithuania- app - bank account with btc wallet address integrated for instant sell of btc to eur through exchange they also own ( in 1-2 min visible on your account). You can get Mastercard. Supports only SEPA transfers.

  2. Wirex UK - app - Instant exchange to eur ( 1 min) to your VISA debit card - supports btc, eth, ltc, xrp

  3. I-account Hong Kong - just opened partner exchange for fast transfers to your bank account VISA & Mastercard option. SEPA and SWIFT transfers.

What is your fastest experience? If you have extra questions regarding options I mentioned you can PM on Status. Something like Better call Saul but digital :sunglasses: 0x04e11734c33f145d0c7f331e2d840cb7944335d270a47e660f9a3a02a31b76d0afd43554dfab153e80f995cfbc4c97c1e2f81f0c34f232a058c56fed81e94c62ef



Previously my flow was: ETH from wallet → coinbase, exchange for fiat and then → revolut which took half a day.
I’ve just started with Wirex and like using it so far.

Also on the waitlist for TenX card. Also have Crypterium but their KYC UX is terrible.