Feedback from the community: The Status team from the community’s point of view

The Status Korean community had a small gathering in Seoul today.

One of the community members gave a presentation about Status as a community member’s perspective and it is worth reading to understand how our community understands the project.

You can find the translated version of his presentation slides and scripts here:

I think his feedback as a community member undoubtedly makes sense so want to share his presentation material with others here.

[Status community member’s presentation]

Many thanks to @sdh01 for his sincere feedback and sharing his passion for Status.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present.


It was a good meet up.


This is an amazing presentation and I agree with all of the points included. I can only really speak from a marketing perspective but you are right when you say we can do more to reach a non developer audience.

@sdh01are you yourself a developer? Are you technical and can you understand the tech stack?

Thank you so much for sharing.