Feedback from the Korean communities about the Status application

Hi, I am Jinho who is the Korean community manager of Status. I have recently collected some feedback about our application from Korean Status users and I would like to share the results with people here. Below is the feedback that the Korean communities want Status to prioritize(many thanks to SDH and HJ LEE for collecting it together).

Out of 90 votes,

1 : Sending images, videos, and files through the chatrooms (21 votes)

2 : Finding users around me(like Uber) and sending information or Ads (12 votes)

3 : Making ‘fetching messages’ faster (9 votes)

4 : Finding, blocking, and inviting friends easily (8 votes)

5-1 : Fingerprint log-in (7 votes)

5-2 : It is difficult to differentiate the chats and DApps on the home screen. It should be categorized and I want to search for a chat or content on the screen (7 votes)

7-1 : Automatic login for Android devices (5 votes)

7-2 : A marketplace including fonts, application theme, color, emoji, etc. Users can choose and implement the content they buy (5 votes)

9-1 : Profile photo editing features & status message (ex: ‘I am feeling good today’ on the profile)
(4 votes)

9-2 : Push notifications to Status users around me (4 votes)

11 : Fingerprint to enter into confidential chatrooms (3 votes)

12-1 : PIN code for chatrooms to join or PIN code for DApps to browse for security reasons (2 votes)

12-2 : I want to choose the scope of my personal information(ex: display name, ENS name, contact code, etc.) in each chatroom at will (2 votes)

14 - Anonymous names like "kaleidoscopic immediate bobwhite" should be simplified or I want to set it as well through ENS. It is too convoluted. (1 vote)

You can find more details and background knowledge through the recent blog post below.
# Why has Korea fallen in love with Status?

Feel free to ask me if you have any further questions.


Kudos @Jinho! Thank you for putting this together.
Also thank you for your translation work making sure Status is available in Korean for Korea!

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Those are very great insights. And I agree with Chad, thanks for enabling Status over there!

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This is great stuff, Jinho!

Images + files over chat is something we could deliver as an extension, and to consider in conjunction with the chat team (:wave:t3: @Chad @julien).

Item 5—chat vs. DApp differentiation—is something that one of our designers has mocked up a fix for, but implementation timing is not planned yet.

Items 12 and 14 are being explored in an interesting identity design project as well.

Good feedback! Thanks for sharing.

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Great point! We can definitely do some images sending experiments using extensions.

@Jinho Could you detail a bit what would be expected here? Where would the images come from? How would they be selected?

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It means sending images, videos or files in the chatrooms like Telegram.

  1. A user select media content or files they want to share from their phones or PCs.
  2. Share the media content or files over chat with others.
  3. Other users can find and download the content

thanks a bunch for putting those together @Jinho :pray: !

I’ll address some of them:
1 Totally agree, this is highest on my wishlist too. I’d love to jump on designs for those
2. By finding people around you, you mean in your vicinity? Because this is something I’m exploring on the design side with mesh networking, demo link
3. While I can’t make it faster, I’ve just pushed designs to make it nicer :slight_smile:
5. @andmironov is working on biometric logins atm
5. I’m addressing this as part of our navigation redesign, :eyes: prototype over here
7. Wow :slight_smile: I believe we’re quite far from that one, since we’re still at this stage of fixing the UI we ship the app with.
9. Similar to #2
13 and 14, agree we’re addressing those now inside the Identity work package


Thank you for the detailed feedback :slight_smile:

  • #2 means physical spaces around the user(like Uber using GPS). Your demo is awesome!

  • Some people also asked a feature to find their friends through contacts saved in their phones or other information like email address.