Feedback on email from Status

Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right place to post.

I wanted to give some feedback on the emails I’m getting from Status. I assume that I’m getting them from signing up for the iOS TestFlight.

That would be useful for starters — letting me know why I’m on this particular list? And letting me update my settings? My only option is unsubscribe. I’d love to tell you that I’m interested in Developer content, and Meetups, and Incubate, and so on.

That’s my second feedback — feels like I’m getting a lot of email, which is why I was looking for preferences. Here’s a screenshot:

Final piece of feedback is that the content is very variable.

This latest one (screenshot from Gmail on iOS - some visual issues) is just a bunch of links which doesn’t seem compelling — on top of all the other email I already got.

(Get involved email)

This one also seems light on content, high on links, but a mix of messages.

(This is the Decentralized Apps email)

Browse dapps — but no link or guidance, so i guess the ask is “open Status and you should know what dapps are”. A suggestion would be a web link to more content (I assume you’ll get to deeplinking eventually).

Next link is very Dev centric, but this feels like a general piece of content.

Anyway, just some feedback. I just poked around a little more and I guess this is coming from HubSpot and some sort of auto script. The content doesn’t feel very Status-y compared to the awesome people I know.

Hope this is helpful.


Thanks so much for the feedback! Yes, this email flow was put into place shortly after Beta launched as a general intro on to how to use Status— intended to get new users up to speed on the specific features of the app so content was very generic and not highly technical. Since launching Beta we have continued to evolve the app features at a rapid pace, and our users have followed suit. Our UX has changed many times over and the email content quickly became irrelevant as we knew it would. It was intended to be in place for 3 months as we transitioned from Alpha and acquired new users, so as of Oct 1 it is no longer active. Going forward only select emails will be sent—key app updates, Incubate, Embark and other initiative news, etc. At the moment we do not have the capability to enable select opt-ins, but that is part of future plans. Appreciate you taking the time to reach out :slight_smile: Your feeback is spot on an very much appreciated!