Feedback requests rounds - starting Monday

Hey Everyone,

You all should have received an invite to log into Peakon, create your feedback circle, and complete a self-assessment. Terry shared more about that here.

Once you have completed that, you’re pretty much done with the most time-consuming part :slight_smile:

What happens next?

Every Monday, starting August 2nd, Peakon will send out feedback requests to all the CC’s you’ve added to your circle.

Wait, what? every week?

Yes! The higher the frequency, the shorter the time to fill in your requests. The average time expected to fill at this frequency is just 1 minute. The value of that one minute invested in giving feedback to your fellow contributors multiplies by ∞ - as we all need feedback to grow.

As everything we do, it’s experimental, so definitely let us know if it becomes too much, if you prefer another week day, or any other suggestions.

Every cycle remains open for one week. You’ll see feedback in your dashboard as soon as 3 respondents have filled it in. Your mentor(s) will also have access to your feedback.

Given we’re starting with the shorter/more frequent option, it can take a few weeks before you have a meaningful view.

Feedback given from your circle will be also displayed against how you evaluated yourself in the initial self-assessment.

What questions are you asking?

Questions are based on value-creating behaviors. At each round, just a few of them will be evaluated (more info on Peakon’s algorithm here) .

We’re able to add our own questions and to toggle on and off any of the existing ones. Full list here. Let us know if you’d like to add or remove any: we appreciate your suggestions on how to make this as useful as possible.

You are also able to use Grow to give spontaneous feedback, outside of the survey scheme and frequency:

Terry and I are always happy to help if you have any doubts on how to formulate feedback; Peakon however is already covering that with lots of bite-sized tips and guides (see above).

We will offer targeted support if it is needed, and we’re also going to organise dedicated Learnups on how to work with Feedback.

Thanks for the attention, folks! Let us know if any questions or doubts.


Aside from the questions, is there an open field for any feedback? I’ll admit I was a bit taken aback by the frequency, but do see a lot of benefits to it!

A key benefit being that there’s a time and place to provide feedback on specific incidents that happen during a week. The ‘getting it off your chest’-idea. Such incidents might not be captured by the questions for that week (round).

Can you recommend resources on constructive feedback? (@Stef I remember you gave a presentation with Ceri on the topic, could you link the slides here if you still have them)

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Hey @hester ! Thank you.

Yes - every question comes with an open text box (non-mandatory to fill).
The frequency makes it quick to give feedback; yet the randomization makes it that you won’t be asked for feedback on all the people who added you to their circle every week, if these are more than 3 - so sometimes the ‘timeliness’ aspect would be missed.

You can work around that using the ‘spontaneous feedback’ feature at any time (e.g. outside of the automated requests, just get into Peakon and send your free-form feedback to any other CC).

Peakon has integrated a lot of resources on giving constructive feedback into the platform itself - . Personally, I’m a fan of the Netflix approach (n.b. excluding the public irl 360’s). It’s simple, actionable and founded in being helpful to each other, leaving to the receiver the decision to accept or discard.

And thank you for bringing back to mind that non-tech talk :blush: - Here are the slides . I could not find the recording, but it probably still exists somewhere… or we could do a 2021 version :smiley:


The Netflix 4A format is great! Thanks for sharing that. Lifting out for visibility:

  1. Aim to assist
  2. Actionable
  3. Appreciate
  4. Accept or Discard

Can’t speak for others, but I’d appreciate a 2021 version of the presentation. That was a great overview of the perspective of sender and recipient of feedback and such an important message.


I was amazed to read it again and see how relevant it still is to our context!

cc @Terry - let’s put it down on the list for the next Learnups :wink: . And if we don’t get Ceri as guest star (I’ll ask her :smiley: ) … I’ll call for volunteers.

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thanks for the awesome information.