Filtering spam on r/statusim subreddit

Status’s subreddit has 6k members which is comparable to Avax 7.8k and Compound 6.4k.

But the amount of spam there is sad. Reddit is famous and a good source of primary research on a project. Investors, contributors and users will discover r/statusim at some point of time, but when they do, some really odd posts might show up. Just today, I saw a borderline porn video posted there.

I have reported more than 5 such posts so far. We should do something about it. I’m an avid Reddit user and will be happy to moderate !

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@shivekkhurana that’s a valid point, moderation is definitely needed across the platforms - Reddit is so good when a channel is cleaned up from most spam.

thanks for the heads up @shivekkhurana. And agree we need better moderation across all channels including discord.