Final Draft Voting Dapp Swarm

A core goal of Status is to become a decentralised autonomous
organisation. This has not been done before and requires a ton of learning through experimentation to get there. The objective of the voting dapp is to take the first steps in becoming a DAO through learning what is required to see organic community participation, the extent of signalling votes in a system of governance.

The Q3 objective of having 50 core contributors was achieved and I’m fairly certain, with the right vote and a tinkering on the ledger integration we will achieve one million SNT voted with when the Dapp is spread amongst the community. Looking ahead for OKR’s to achieve by March 2019 the swarm strives to:

OKR: 90% of CC voting directly or indirectly once every two weeks.

Rational: This OKR goal is to use signalling votes as a way to increase efficiency of decision making and organisation. To hit this OKR would mean the implementation of topic democracy.

OKR: 10 million SNT voted with every two weeks. (This OKR ensures we reach beyond CC to the broader SNT holder community).

Rational: For this project to be considered successful it requires participation with SNT holders. This OKR can only be effectively be achieved if SNT holders outside CC are partaking in signalling votes on a regular basis.

OKR: 20 Polls created outside of Status CC.

Rational: This project needs to be useful not only for CC but for people in the Ethereum community who want to use on chain signalling as a form of community engagement. This OKR should see the swarm build usable interface for creating and disturbing a carbon vote.

OKR: Publish Governance/Voting Dapp page linked on Status Website.

Rational: This OKR can only be achieve through formalising non binding signalling votes as a form of governance.

OKR: Implement a status app design system on the voting dapp.

Rational: The dapp needs to be usable, clear and in its design, a visual representation of status principles. This OKR should see the swarm participate in the creation and implementation of a dapp design system.