From Greenhouse to Pinpoint

Hi all!

One more update from the POps side - we’re chaning ATS (the tool we use to track applications and source new contributors).

Tl;dr for all CC’s: from now on, if you want to submit a referral - please use this link

Extended version for anyone involved with hiring, or just curious:

On August 4th, we’ll be moving from Greenhouse to Pinpoint.

Why are we doing this?

  • Intuitive UI
  • Lower cost
  • Better customer support (so far)
  • Talent Pool functionality

What’s changing?

You can expect to see changes in our careers page, and in the workflows you were used to in Greenhouse.

If you’re involved with hiring, please bookmark this guide - it covers all of your most common questions. For anything that is not covered in there, feel free to ping us @POps.

We hope that after the initial teething phase, it will make it easier for you all to leave quick scorecards, access candidate profiles, tag each other when you want to pass a profile to another team, and overall make your hiring experience considerably better than it has been until now.

Thanks :slight_smile: