Getting paid - please review your wallet address


A quick PSA from the Finance/People Ops team.

In order to optimise for security when sending crypto payments to core contributors, we’re asking you to check the following for your wallet/crypto preferences:

Wallet types

Please use a wallet that you own and is secured by a piece of hardware. As payments are currently made manually, this helps us in case of any human error when paying into multiple wallets per contributor. Going forward, we will not send to addresses on exchanges or ones that are unsecured - sorry for any inconvenience! If you were previously getting paid into an unsecured/exchange wallet, please switch this out for another wallet address and let us know the new details.

Getting paid into multiple wallets

We’re happy to accommodate making payments into multiple wallets to be as flexible as possible and encourage crypto adoption. If you have multiple wallets, we’d ask that you let us know your preferences:

  • via your BambooHR profile (for salary/expense payments), and
  • by ping to Jason if you wish to receive your quarterly SNT payout in a different wallet to where you received your most recent installment,

Thanks, and let us know in case of any questions!