Ghost analytics

Does the Ghost installation have any kind of analytics built in? If not, could we add something privacy-preserving like Fathom?

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Hey @Bruno, not sure about this, but will see if I can find out

If we couple our blog traffic with Ethical CodeFund ads powered by Gitcoin, we could potentially earn some DAI / Eth in the process. I use CodeFund on some of my other projects and they’re extremely professional, transparent (open source!), approachable, and fair. It’s a partnership worth pursuing. But to optimize this, we would need a good analytics platform and Fathom fits the bill.

Tagging @jonathan and @carl. They have information and opinions on this.

Im 100% all for any sort of private non intrusive data to help us track the success of content. We have explored opens source, non-personalized options like this in the past and the consensus has been that it is a violation of our principles (which i also agree with).

Also - ive had a few conversations with the Code Fund team and I like their platform but that also requires a cookie on our properties to track data.

Im open to pursuing this further but it needs to be a decision agreed upon by all.

Note that Ghost is not cookie free already, and using embeds will further put tracking in there. I think the stuff these two companies do match the principles more than most stuff we use in general, so I heartily recommend not letting the traffic’s financial potential, however little, go to waste.

i am unaware of any data ghost is currently tracking. I thought it was installed without any cookies to adhere to the principles.

Once again - I agree we do not want the financial value of these tools to go to waste NOR the potential informative value of any sort of analytics.

@ceri are you the admin on ghost? Do you have access to any sort of analytics? I am not an admin

No, I meant general cookies, there’s no analytics right now from what I can see - session and tracking. And embeds like Youtube, Twitter.

@jonathan I do have admin access to what I thought was the only account, but looking inside it, there are only four Ghost sites and none of them are the current blog (there are two old blog installs, one media site, and the POps site). I’m not sure where the current site is situated for admin purposes. Would Cristi perhaps know?

We have our own We intended to move all sites there, but this process was stopped when ExiledSurfer left the company, so some blogs are here, and some are there…

how much work to consolidate this?

how much work to consolidate this?

About tree fiddy.

Not sure, you mean moving all our pages from to the self hosted solution? Depends, how many of those do we care about? Just

Also Last post on that is from 23rd of August 2018, do we even care about maintaining that one?

Are there others?

Obligatory callback to me recommending a common database in the form of a versioned content repository with multi-language support and MD which allows you to simply build a self hosted or even static render of that content by just hooking into it from any tool :wink:

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We’ve been talking about migrating the People Ops content to the same place where other docs are contained (i.e. on the main website (with maybe a direct URL so that they’re not visible in the nav to non-CCs).

If that happens, it looks to me like the rest of the content on can be removed (they all look super old and n/a) and that that account could be closed, saving us the subscription cost. cc @jonathan

Hopefully we can do that soon, because as far as i remember we paid some ridiculous amount for a year long subscription to, and i hope that doesn’t get renewed.