Grassroots Activism - Meeting Notes

Attendees: kim, shawn, vafa, ola, graeme, rachel, hutch, nabil
Everyone’s motivations for participation vary
5 week process from now until Prague

SUMMARY- more questions than answers :slight_smile: but great dialogue to kick off

  • Reference presentation and book New Power
  • Links to Nabil’s presentation
  • What are our goals? What is Status? Movement behind Status will look different than what has come before- mix of messaging and how we spread the word- will be totally unique based on space and breadth of community; concept of decentralization is lost but centralization is understood more easily
  • Who would be interesting / valuable to partner with based on programs with previous success at building grassroots movement
  • how do we ideate?- divide and conquer for regroup later
  • Goals
  • Short term focus has been/is on core ETH community but longer term vision needs to be inclusive of broader community outside core ETH who already understand and appreciate the technology and ideology
  • Inclusive of community for feedback; huge variety in what this means globally; regions all have unique POV on this movement and how relevant values are to each.
  • we need more context from global community; oppressed, unbanked etc. Key driver of movement outside of ‘first world’ users team can learn from existing mapping (Nabil’s presentation) around human rights issues-
  • how do we tap into those existing communities? And their learnings / do we need to speak with community members to validate as well?
  • What is our approach- vision and ideology driven by broader conversation- what is tipping point; how do we prepare for join en mass; also key may be thought leaders in space, journalists, coalition of like-minded projects. Status is not driver as a product- rather values and principles

Outline key questions and take away ‘homework’ / all share out relevant resources and reading recs so we can be more informed for brainstorming next week

Recommended Reading/Homework:

  1. New Power Understanding “New Power” + talk at Google:
  2. Intro to Marshall Ganz + on YT there are a lot of MG lectures worth watching. Here’s a good lecture of Ganz lecture on public narrative and here’s a good overview of Ganz’s approach to leadership and social movements:
    Video and Transcript: Complementary or in Conflict? Community Organizing and Collective Impact - Collective Impact Forum
  3. Marshall Ganz Harvard lecture #1 on social organizing - there are a whole series of these from his class at Harvard
  4. Another interesting book (note: this is a partisan/political perspective but the lessons are more widely relevant): Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap for Radicals (Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap for Radicals by Jonathan Smucker | Goodreads)- good review with key ideas summarised here (A Tough-Love Letter to the Left | The New Republic)

Thanks for setting this up and really interested to take some time soon to do probably an audiobook!

The Star Citizen story from the New Power talk is blowing my mind.

Guy pitches nothing more than an idea for a game at SXSW and within a day hits half a million dollars in crowdfunding for this game. Then 3 million. Then they start selling assets for the game that doesn’t yet exist, including insurance for your future star ship. Soon they have 160 million in crowdfunding. People are creating content and sharing all kinds of ideas for the game.

3 years later, game still hasn’t been developed and the money is being spent opaquely. But people aren’t even that mad about it, because they’re paying to participate and “to dream.”

Participation = the economic value

(Something in return + Higher purpose) x Participation = Participation Premium

For Star Citizen, something in return = future digital assets like ships. Higher purpose = group identity of PC gamers feeling “us vs. the world” with PC games having fallen by the wayside. Participation = the multiplier effect.

What’s the application of this formula for Status? One take…

Something in return for our users = a well-integrated secure messenger, crypto wallet and web3 browser

Higher purpose = we’re sovereign digital citizens, not products; everyone deserves equal access to communication, expression and transaction

Participation = the DAO, State of Us


Notes from Sync #2:

AI’s for Prague Presentation [Link]:

  1. 1-page Status Core Message (combined w/ Jarrad mission statement) (@naghdy @rachel
  2. Map key potential allies and supporters, and a plan of partnership @vafa
  3. Have a clearer sense of the aims for the emergent movement (i.e. what does success look like?) @naghdy
  4. Ideas and avenues of participation for the community to get involved (overlap with ambassador program) @Graeme @ShawnS @hutch

Anyone else interested in participating, ^ are the AI’s you can help work on :smile:.

I am happy to help with no4 if any help is needed! Wanted to share a link to a doc that speaks about how to create a public narrative, which I think is needed to inspire the community and storytelling —tell the story of self, linked to the story of ‘us’ and the story of ‘now’.

Obama’s 2004 DNC speech is great example of weaving this type if storytelling to create emotion, connection and ultimately a movement.

Just as a followup on our last session, one of the things myself, @Graeme and @Shawn have been working on is defining what our entry points look like for newcomers in our different mediums and discovering weaknesses and strengths and how to make them better. This of course will evolve and change over time, but if anyone would like to take the time to review the different touchpoints we have please feel free to take the time at this form to go over the touch points defined.