Group/Public Chat Users Limit

Hello, I just have to say 2 things to the developers, one good and one bad: 1. Good job because it looks good and really privacy/security oriented, 2. It’s HORRIBLE how in the FAQ of the official page the people can’t know the maximum user limit of Groups/Public Chats (if any) and I needed to create an account here to find out… Is there any maximum user limit for public community chats? What is the limit? Can I move a large community (500k plus) users to State?. Thanks.

P.S: Please, write the limit or just “unlimited” users in the FAQ.


It would be awesome to have as much as your community over as possible, but unfortunately the underlying messaging protocol, Waku, is still being developed to handle increasingly larger number of simultaneous users at the same time. This is because the underlying network model is peer-to-peer instead of client-server and other technical reasons.

For the Status Reborn launch they’re targeting for 10k users per community, which is much more than it ever handled before. Hope the app can still be useful to you somehow or otherwise hopefully in the future as it grows and improves.

If you have more questions, do shoot a question in our Vac discord, where the Status protocol developers read and reply to messages more often: Vac


Thanks you!, so we can assume that a community public channel should not have more than 10k for work well :+1: