Hackers distributing wallet drainers from stolen Status-branding material fake website

There is a group of hackers that are using the status.app branding material on a copycat website that looks just like the original without the top menu bar to distribute crypto-key stealing malware. the link to the fraudulent website is available at link3.to/spectra. They are calling their ripped version specrta and using the same logo as Status. They have been successful with this same tactic on other faked websites I am aware of. I don’t know who to contact to try and get some attention for this from status. The forums seemed like the only area to inquire about anything. Thank you for any response.

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Hey gene,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are actively working to swiftly take down this website.


Hey @j-vlz If you are security for Status, why are you posting from a fresh account?