Hardware wallet lite - Feedback from Prague

Hi guys,

I am back from Prague and I wanted to sum up some of the things we learned in Prague regarding the hardware wallet:

  • There is a lot of interest around this Javacard based wallet. The security/price/convenience balance seems to be just right
  • 3rd parties are quite ready to integrate it. The WallETH developer already managed to sign transactions using our card and had a lot of interesting feedback
  • Wallet developers would really love to have a standard for card-based wallets. Our documentation could be formalized and formatted in way that it becomes a standard protocol
  • There are much more use-cases than we initially envisioned

This also means we broght home a lot of action points. I am now formalizing the action points for the applet itself at Issues · status-im/status-keycard · GitHub. You are very welcome to partecipate to the discussion.

Another important point will be on the client side of the equation. Beside our own integration, we should probably extend the SDKs to simplify integration by third-party clients.


It’s very impressive stuff folks! Great execution!

Are there some technical details about the solution? I only found https://hardwallet.status.im/ but there are no tech details really. I would love to read more about the solution in a form of a EIP/doc. How pairing looks like, what steps are needed to sign a transactions, how it is secured in case a card is stolen, is there a fallback solution in case I lose my device and won’t be able to install Status etc.

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There is technical documentation in the repository: GitHub - status-im/status-keycard: Our Javacard Implementation for making secure transactions within Status and Ethereum (check all .md files). There will be more user-oriented documentation as well of course


I also have very positive feedback regarding the Keycard. Many people came by the Status booth at DevCon, asking for information about the hard wallet. Most questions I got were around:

  • Will this work on iOS?
  • What is cost?
  • Will the Keycard only work on a Status wallet?

I had a ton of people sign up on the website during DevCon and they cant wait for this product. A few hackers will also be reaching out in hopes to start hacking and testing :slight_smile:


Wow, nice to hear!

The iOS question is probably going to come very often. We should try to do at least a proof of concept with a bluetooth smartcard reader (they exist). The only problem is that we would need to support a specific reader model, because there is no standard (unlike usb ones or the embedded NFC in Android). Hopefully Apple will open the NFC API one day.

Another cool thing, is that while the Status wallet does not yet support the Keycard, there are other wallets which are already integrating support which is very positive. And the cost will be unbeatable, we are basically setting a new baseline for security and that is great for the entire ecosystem.