Help with exchanges and living the cryptolife!

Context: Over the past year, I’ve regularly used crypto for numerous small transactions (typically $250 or less) per month. This year, I tried to step things up a little - and at one point in January tried to exchange a larger volume of ETH → fiat to pay a bill (value ~$1000).

The exchange I used decided without warning to delay that transaction for 72 hours for security reasons (that they wouldn’t share with me). This was an inconvenience, but not a major deal. But it did get me thinking about how I would exchange large amounts in the future (e.g. if I got paid entirely in crypto every month, and needed to exchange large amounts to fiat regularly to pay my mortgage, bills, etc).

Does anyone have any exchanges they recommend for that? Obvious requirements:

  • Low fees
  • Payments in European bank accounts
  • High security/trustworthiness
  • Speed of transaction (i.e. releasing the fiat into my account, so I don’t miss a mortgage payment).

Local Ethereum - True p2p. Great UX and security. Works from Status. (Since it is OTC fees are variable).


I own so a little biased but I regularly cash both myself and others out through that, often in fairly large amounts. There’s no UI for cashing out right now, just cashing in, so it’s a manual inquiry process right now and payout duration depends on recipient bank, but a non-beta redesign is coming soon and it’ll be more streamlined.


Here are more centralized packages, whoever needs it:

Small lithuanian exchange makes instant transfers of fiat / only EUR and only works with their bank Mistertango, so you have to open a bank account with them. For bigger transfers ( above 10k) they will ask you to provide the source of crypto.

A similar package is a combination of bank account in Hong Kong and their partner exchange (licensed in Estonia) Also instant fiat withdrawals but only to their I-account. Here available debit Mastercard.

There is Wirex from UK too which recently have upgraded with IBAN bank account also in Lithuania but you can then only upload your debit VISA card, so it is one way service. No transfers from bank account to another bank account. Crypto to fiat is instant.

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I’ve been using to convert ETH to EUR and the process is really nice and fast. EUR transfers to my bank account in Portugal normally occur the next working day (they advertise 3-5 days). They charge 0.15 EUR for cashing out, and if you don’t sell at market price the transaction has no fees.

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