Hiring: 2 new marketing/comms hires

As discussed in Istanbul last week, we’re looking to increase the size of our communications team. As we approach a v1, and explore fundraising in the months ahead, these roles become necessary to secure further resources for the org. In the short term we’re proposing hiring for 2 additional marketing/comms roles to help support Jonny’s efforts:

We’re cognizant this does have a direct impact on our burn rate, but an increase in total marketing spend from Q4 onwards is already accounted for in Status’ budgeting. Please take a look at the job specs (would like to post the roles externally soon) and add comments/suggestions, and feel free to ping me directly if you have any concerns.

cc @carl & @jonathan


Update on the Technical Marketing Manager role. We’ve reviewed the first batch of applicants, and are moving to interview stage with them. Here’s a quick summary of how are hiring channels are performing:

As you can see we’re entirely reliant on 3rd parties so far, since we’re not attracting relevant candidates to the Status jobs page.