Hiring - interim plan until we get a full time tech recruiter in place

The search for our new tech recruiter is still a WIP, and with JB departing as of next week, a quick update on our plans to keep the recruiting ticking over until then.

We’ve split the roles between the three of us, and the person allocated will be responsible for managing the hiring process for each of those roles.

  • All marketing roles (PMM, TMM, Keycard MM) + tech recruiter - Ceri
  • All writing roles (Tech Writer, Copywriter) - Pepper
  • All engineering roles - Rajanie.

We’ll be in touch with the relevant hiring managers to keep you up to date on how the hiring is going.

We’ve been doing handovers with JB for a smooth transition and to maintain continuity, he’s here until end of the week still if you need anything from him.

Shout if any questions!


Quick update on this as we now have Shiraz onboard :slight_smile:

We’ll be meeting as a team this week to plan out and allocate work. There will also probably be some transition time, so let’s consider the split of responsibilities mentioned above still in place for this week at least. We’ll ping again later to confirm who owns what. Cheers!