Hiring - Legal Counsel

Hi folks!

Quick hiring update: Status GmbH is hiring a legal counsel to conduct legal research, advise on corporate law, coordinate external legal advice, oversee risk management, and manage contracts. Job ad is here.

If you know of anyone, please pass on their details, or if you’d like to share this opportunity with your network lmk and I can generate a unique link for you that credits any successful referral back to you.

Cheers! C


Hi @ceri ,

I am interested and have already sent my application via the link. I look forward to the next steps.

Cheers !

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Hi @ceri! Already applied for the ‘Legal Counsel’ position.

Hope I get to hear from the HR hiring team.

Best, Fernando

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Hi @ceri, I saw the ad on LinkedIn and wish to send in an application, but it seems that the link is faulty. Is this position still open?


Hi @kenn! We’re still working our way through the hiring process, however we already got a high volume of strong applications, so we closed the job to new applications to be sure we could give all existing applicants a fair review. I don’t think we will need to reopen the job ad, but I’ll post here in case that changes. Cheers! C