Hiring: Protocol Engineers

Hi everyone, @dryajov has proposed that we hire 2 new Engineers to work with him on designing/implementing distributed storage systems. You can see the full spec below. Would welcome:

  • Any feedback, concerns/questions on the role or job description.
  • Referrals of contributors/community members that could be a good fit for the work.
  • Suggestions of forums/conferences where we can find good candidates.

Will look to post this role publicly next week, pending any feedback received here.

I’m working on some salary benchmarking for these positions, and the role posting will include an advertised salary range for transparency.

The role:

You’ll work within a small team to contribute to the design and implementation of the next generation of distributed storage solutions. This effort aligns well with the storage requirements for both the Status chat client as well as the Ethereum ecosystem at large. Familiarity with message propagation in loosely connected networks, DHTs, gossiping and routing mechanisms is highly desirable. Experience with massively distributed systems is a plus. Familiarity with of the shelf networking stacks such as libp2p or devp2p is also desirable.


  • Write and maintain Nim code.
  • Research and design core functionality.
  • Provide feedback on overall design decisions and participate in code reviews.
  • Use libp2p to build application level protocols.
  • Strong understanding of p2p building blocks such as gossiping, routing and discovery (DHTs), Nat traversal.
  • Strong understanding of TCP and UDP protocols.
  • Strong understanding of encryption and key exchange mechanisms.
  • Ability to interpret and implement solutions based on academic research.

You must have:

  • Strong passion for blockchain technology and decentralisation.
  • Strong academic or engineering background.
  • Experience with low level/strongly typed languages (C/C++/Go/Rust or Java/C#).
  • Experience with Open Source software.
  • Experience building networking heavy applications and p2p networking specifically.

Bonus points if you have:

  • Contributed to an blockchain-related, open source project.
  • Experience with Nim.
  • Experience with libp2p / devp2p, networking, cryptography.
  • Worked on storage and file systems.

quite interesting this one as well!

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