Hiring: Technical Recruiter

We’ve posted a job vacancy to hire a Technical Recruiter on the People Ops team.

Rationale: we have a number of open positions at the moment, and have been using recruiting agencies to help us find candidates and fill roles. Depending on the role, agency and salary range for the position, these agencies charge anywhere from $10k to $30k per hire.

Therefore, it makes financial sense to hire a recruiter to focus on outbound activities (sourcing, headhunting) to reduce our reliance (and spend) on recruiting agencies (especially as it’s possible that post-fundraise we’ll have even more hiring to do).

Questions/concerns/referrals welcome!


Quick update on this - we’re keen not to rush this hire as having the right person in place is critical to preserving our culture by ensuring we’re only adding future contributors who are a strong fit from both skills and values point of view. So it makes sense to make this a slower burn hiring search.

As such, to keep the wheels turning in the meantime as we have urgent hiring needs across a number of roles, e.g. marketing and engineering - we’re getting support from an interim recruiter to screen incoming applications. Pepper will be joining us starting Wednesday on a six week, part time engagement.

You’ll see her in Discord and will likely be hearing from her if you’re involved in hiring. Shout if any questions!


Closed - and the awesome @Shiraz110 has joined the team :tada: