How can I become a Status Ambassador?

Status is not only building a mobile application designed to enable private, secure communication. Status is building an entire infrastructure for sovereign, open societies from the ground up. This includes the tools, protocols, services, and a community of like-minded people pushing the vision forward.

By becoming a Status Ambassador, you can proactively make a difference in creating an open internet for all. Contributing code, promoting the cause, and pushing the movement forward is fulfilling but you will also get these benefits:

  • Funding: Become eligible for funding to host meetups, attend events, produce content, build products and other tools that benefit the overall mission of the Status Network.
  • Access & Support: Status is here to help you with your work and ideas. Get technical insights from the core developers and support from Status team to bring your work to life.
  • Rewards & Recognition: Get some free gear, exclusive NFTs, SNT, and start to build your own community.
  • Join a Community: You will meet other passionate, kindred people all working towards a common goal. It’s rewarding stuff :slight_smile:

Also contribution isn’t complicated at all, you can choose what you want to do, how you want to do it and when you want to do it.

If you are excited about joining the ambassador program then apply with this form.

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