How do I reclaim my existing ENS (e.g .eth) name?

Regardless of whether you registered an address in Status, directly through the Ethereum Name Service, or through another provider, the requirement for bringing it to Status is the same:

You must have the seed phrase for the wallet that owns the name. You can look up the owner of a name on Etherscan.

To import it to Status:

From Wallet on the Status app, click Add account then Enter a seed phrase and follow the steps on-screen.

After that, head to Profile > ENS usernames > Get started .

Enter your username.

If your address does not end with stateofus.eth , toggle I own a name on another domain , and then type in the full address.

Sign the transaction. In doing so, you are adding your chat key to the public resolver for your ENS name.

Once your transaction is complete, you’re all set! Your ENS name will automatically be set to display in chat. If you add multiple names, you can choose which one is your primary display name.