How many ENS will I receive?

The amount you receive is weighted by time. The longer you’ve held your stateofus.eth name, the more $ENS you’ll receive. This logic follows a proposal on Snapshot which was accepted with 99.99% of voting power

If you’ve registered multiple names on a given address, the name that you’ve registered and held longest at any time up until Oct 31st counts.

For the lazy, the associated math in the following link because Discourse doesn’t render LaTeX:

I am pretty sure I came to Status way before Oct 2021, but I couldn’t remember my name/wallet/seed even if I hardly pushed myself to remember.

Is there any way of back-checking the subdomain names? (with an expectation to remember something related to my account…)

go here to see what address is assigned to a given username:



This is the problem I face when I run the status, it shows pending always.

And the second problem is that I uninstall and re-installing whenever I need to log out/in.

I did everything but I couldn’t manage to take my names here since it says pending always.

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