How to build an iOS native app with Status's chat?

I want to build an iOS native app with Status’s chat, but how to start? Thx!

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This is related to

As Status runs natively on iOS, it should be possible to use status geth fork. Not sure, as I don’t know Apple ecosystem.

Thanks for your enthusiasm to get started Allen. Do you have much iOS experience? @ricardo3’s post should help get you started, then also come check out the #status-core channel in Status if you have any questions.

You can build* status-go for iOS (make statusgo-ios) and you will have Statusgo.framework file for using in your iOS application.

*you might need to setup the environment for golang first and install gomobile.

So far, the chat protocol itself is implemented in ClojureScript, but you can take a look at this repo to see how most of our chats work.

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