How to move an ENS stateofus.eth username to another profile? + related iOS visual glitch

I would like to move a ENS stateofus.eth username from Profile 1 to Profile 2 on iOS. I guess I have to release it on Profile 1 and re-register on Profile 2 (if not blacklisted).

  1. Is this the right way to accomplish?

  2. If so, will the username be available immediately?

Asking because I’m not sure after reading Managing your ENS name in Status v1 and the following visual glitch on iOS (iPhone SE 1st generation, still supported by Apple) doesn’t help because text is truncated.


Hi @Curious, transfer an ENS name as a functionality is not build into the app at the moment. @ricardo3 might be able to help you though

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@hester thank you for pointing me in the right direction! I managed to accomplish my goal (merging an eth and a stateofus.eth ENS under the same profile) starting from @ricardo3’s hints here.

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