How to set up Status for true P2P usage

I just downloaded Status since I was looking for an e2ee and peer-to-peer chat. However upon launching the program, I noticed no syncing at all and no connection to any P2P network. I assume that by default the program is connecting to the Ethereum network overlay via RPC which means I’m not actually leveraging the P2P nature of the Status protocol.

What does one have to do in order to set up Status for TRUE PEER-TO-PEER usage without any remote RPC node connection? Does it require running an actual Ethereum full node?

Thanks in advance.


I’d like to know too. I’m not sure if Status is truly P2P, as in direct connection, or just means decentralized node(s) (which they call peers).

In addition, the desktop “Node Management” option is not very clear at all. I can’t tell what I’m connected to.

The Android App has lots of unexplained Advanced settings.

I’m also running a Docker mailserver node, and that isn’t explained all that well either.