Image blur/filter

Idea name: Image blur
Description: Blur tools (e.g. Signal’s) are a great way to remain private when sharing images.
Use case: As a user, I want to make myself and others unrecognizable when sharing images on Status so that I know for sure that when the image is intercepted or a recipient takes a screenshot I still cannot be identified
Target user: Privacy aware user in volatile situation
Why this is important: Face detection is used to identify and track individuals. Aside from identification purposes, images can be shared on other media or channels without consent of the person in the image, leading to identification
Any other comments:

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This open source tool can be used to give the blur effect:


Here’s a proposal by @0kok0k that promises to offer the same protection without visibly blurring the image.

  1. Imperceptible changes are applied to my photos that render them 100% unrecognizable for the most state of the art facial intelligence, “including Microsoft Azure Face, Amazon Rekognition, and Face++.”
  2. Assuming a facial recognition model has access to uncloaked images, I still have a protection success rate of 39% if less than 15% of my pictures in the model’s database are uncloaked.
    From deep learning detection and facial recognition poisoning - CodiMD

Freely translated this gives the following benefits:

  1. Be unrecognizable to face detection software
  2. The more photos that are uploaded to face detection software, after using the proposed solution, ‘tricks’ the detection algorithms and makes it harder to detect in the future
  3. The image experience remains the same
  4. This is new technology that can set Status apart from (messaging) apps that offer ‘conventional’ blurring

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