Import an existing wallet导入已有钱包

I already have a wallet in metamask,have private key and mnemonic.I want to use my wallet in status but failed.The mnemonic I imported didn’t link to my wallet but another,and there is no option to import a private key on the interface

Hi @tyxlb. Thanks for reaching out!

We’ve been trying to replicate your issue but importing of account from Metamask seems to work correct in our case.

Could you please provide specific steps of what exactly you are doing while importing the account? What is number of words in your seed phrase (mnemonic)? Any screenshots or video of your steps would also be very helpful.

Here is short a description of account importing process.
In order to import your Metamask account to existing Status account follow next steps:

  1. Login your Status account
  2. Go to Wallet tab
  3. Tap +Add an account button
  4. Select import method: Enter a seed phrase or Enter a private key.
    5.1 In case of Enter a seed phrase method - fill in Status account password, Seed phrase of your Metamask account, Account name
    5.2 In case of Enter a private key method - fill in Status account password, Private key of your Metamask account, Account name
  5. Tap Add an account button
    See video demonstrating process of importing account with a help of private key.

You can also recover your Metamask account by choosing Access existing keys => Recover with seed phrase. See video demonstrating this recovery option.

Thanks! Following your steps, I can import my private key.
But the seed phrase(12 words)sitll linked to an other wallet, and I should create a new wallet before importing key.
BTW, I suggest importing key can be the third way in front page.

O,what meaning of “on the status tree”?

“on the status tree” means that the wallet account retrieved from the main seed/private key, because you can also import wallet account from another seed/private key, which means they are not from the main seed/private key