Increasing hiring capacity

Cross posting from Discord:

Hi @everyone !

In an effort to boost our ability to find the best new contributors for all our projects faster, we’d like to ask for a bit of crowdsourcing help.

Have you come across any profile, blog, group, newsletter, etc that we should reach out to? Please submit to @Pepperlea and I here.

If you have actual direct referrals for any of our open positions - please submit directly through Greenhouse (Introduction - Status Contributors Guide, if you have any questions just ping one of us)

For Status Network we’re currently :eyes: for an Engineering Lead (Redirecting...) and multiple Go Developers (Redirecting...). For these roles, the internal referral SNT bonus will be raised to the equivalent of 20K USD (for the Lead role) and 15K USD (for the other roles).
*usual conditions apply, e.g. successful completion of initial trial period.

That aside - every little bit helps, so if you could share/tweet any open roles to your network, type up a good review on Glassdoor, suggest any improvement (e.g. @Carly suggestions on copy and searchability last week) or anything that you feel would be valuable, we’d be extra grateful. :clinking_glasses: : :hugs: : :sunflower: :yellow_heart:

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