Is it possible to recover my account after deleting the app in an iphone?

Hi all,

I have an iphone 12. I created an Status app in oct/21 to which I sent some Eth. Then I deleted the app. Now I have downloaded the app again (using the same phone), but my account is not showing up there.

I still remember the account password, but I don’t know the 12 words seed phrase.

Is there a way to make my account appear on my phone so I can input the password?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @0xj4ksa 0xj4ksa hope this finds you well. Any chances you could take a look on this? Really appreciate your help.

Best, Pedro

Hello @nosralla

Thank you for reaching out and engaging in the Forum discussion.

Unfortunately, I have to let you know that the only way someone can access funds in a wallet such as Status, is by knowing the seed phrase or private key of that wallet.
The password you are referring to if there to locally secure access to the Status mobile app via your mobile divide, but the access to the wallet and the funds can only be accessed by knowing the seed phrase or private key of the wallet.

When you were setting up your wallet the first time, did you write your 12-word seed phrase on a piece of paper or stored it on a device (notes app, drive, or PC)? I hope you have, as that would be the only way you can get access to the wallet.
We actively maintain and develop the application, but the user funds and wallets are always going to be in the sole control of the users themselves.
I hope this answer helped and I’m sorry if it didn’t.

Sincerely, 0xj4ksa

Thank you so much for the kindly response

I didn’t write my seed, but I know the password. Have you ever heard of any ways of recovering the data of a deleted app in an iphone? That would be a way to make my wallet appear again in the mobile phone and then I would be able to access it using the password.


The password is there to only prevent someone else from accessing the app on your phone for example. However, in order to actually have access to the wallet, you need to know the seed phrase. That’s why remembering the seed phrase is so important.

Same Issue
But I want to know that if person lost the phone then how u access to login