Is this Docker configuration correct?


I want to run a status node on my VPS with docker. Is the following Docker command suitable for this?
docker run -p 8545:8545 -p 30303:30303 -v $(pwd)/config.json:/config.json -v $(pwd)/statusd:/root/.statusd statusteam/status-go:0.55.1 -register -log DEBUG -c /config.json -mailserver -network-id 1


    "AdvertiseAddr": "<ip address of vps>",
    "ListenAddr": "",
    "HTTPEnabled": true,
    "HTTPHost": "",
    "HTTPPort": 8545,
    "APIModules": "eth,net,web3,admin,mailserver",
    "RegisterTopics": ["whispermail"],
    "WakuConfig": {
        "Enabled": true,
        "EnableMailServer": true,
        "DataDir": "/var/tmp/statusd/waku",
        "MailServerPassword": "status-offline-inbox",
        "MailServerDataRetention": 30

Is this configuration suitable?
Furthermore, I wanted to ask how to run a node on IPv6 and IPv4. Is there only one field for the IP address in the config file?

The config looks correct, but the node version - 0.55.1 - is VERY old. I’d recommend running at least v0.84.0 or newer.

We’ve never ran nodes with IPv6 so I don’t know how to configure that, or if it’s even supported in the first place. I doubt it.

when I use a newer version I get
ERROR[03-12|10:26:30.866] WakuConfig.DataDir must start with DataDir fragment package=status-go/cmd/statusd
How can I fix it?

Edit: When I remove the DataDir line, it works.

This means that the value of DataDir has to be a root folder of WakuConfig.DataDir. Or to other way around, WakuConfig.DataDir has to be a subfolder of DataDir. Or you could just drop DataDir entirely.