Issue with automatic triggering of e2e tests

Hi all,

There is an issue, automated tests are not triggered automatically by the bot

The issue appeared right after reworking the bot to run the tests when a PR is in “Review” stage on Pipeline for QA · GitHub
Also there was an assumption that tests are not triggered due to ignored “PR Checklist”

“PR Checklist” seems to be removed, at least I can’t see the checklist under any PR but the bot is not triggering the tests

@pedro please, take a look at the bot since this issue slows testing process
In case if you have no time for the bot, please lets make 30 minutes call in order to share how to deploy the bot, so I can fix it by myself

maybe anyone else have an experience with the bot in order to share, or to fix this, or at least to share credentials?

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Have nothing to say here, except that it is REALLY slow down testing process, so have a very high-prio in my head

I’ve found out that @pedro is on vacation for this and next week, so the issue can be resolved after he is back