KCU - Ethafrica - Status Meetup

Thank you for participating in the KCU - Ethafrica - Status Meetup. We hope you enjoyed it!

Your opinion genuinely means a lot to us, the people working on Status. As mentioned during the event - we’d love to hear your opinion on Status.

  1. Suggest new functionality in Feature requests. If you have any ideas on how we should improve our Chat, Wallet, Browser, or other features, please let us know! Feel free to drop a link in this thread to your new Feature requests.

  2. Tell us about your experiences with the app. Spend a day or two playing with it. Chat with someone in a public chat or in a private conversation. Let us know what you think. Just create a new thread in this category and then drop a link to your review in that thread.

Lastly, just look around and Get Involved. Whether you are a developer, educator, community organizer, or a passionate supporter, you can contribute to Status.

We strive to be a secure communication platform that upholds human rights. Status is designed to enable the free flow of information, promote the sovereignty of individuals, and protect the right to private, secure conversations. Status is an open-source project made by—and for—people all over the world.

Want to learn more? Here’s our Whitepaper!

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How to create a new thread?

Go to Kenya and click on start a new conversation (on the bottom of the page) or + New Topic (in the top right corner).