Keycard availability in Status iOS 14?

Is key card going to be working with Status app in iOS 14? As far as I know, it’s not possible now, but I was wondering if this is coming with new iOS update.

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The only app that Keycard currently works with on iOS (that I’m aware of) is Gnosis Safe, which is no longer listed in the App Store on iOS for some reason. You can always download it from TestFlight, though. The core contributors are still working on releasing support for Keycard in the Status app on iOS. I don’t believe it will matter if you’re running iOS 13 or iOS 14; it should work on both when it’s released.

At one point, I read that Keycard support on iOS was coming with version 1.5 of the iOS app (which should be the next release), but GitHub issue 10483 in the status-react project and the current feature planning chart show neither progress nor a timeframe for work to start… so I guess that the core contributors haven’t started work on that support yet.

Actually Keycard is supported in iOS from iOS13. See thread here:

You’ll notice that we have a iOS swift SDK available here: GitHub - status-im/Keycard.swift

With regards to support in Status iOS app, it’s on our roadmap but has not been prioritized yet. It’s not planned to be part of Status v1.5

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Thanks @Chris and @guylouis for the replies! I’m using iOS and bought Keycard even though it’s not supported in iOS yet. But it’s good Ledger replacement. Way better, and attracts less attention :slight_smile: Hopefully more apps adopt Keycard.


I have both a Ledger Nano S and a Keycard. Definitely looking forward to using Keycard with Status soon! I love Status; everything has been well worth the wait. :slight_smile: Status core contributors are doing the most amazing work I’ve ever seen in combining privacy-first design with decentralized (censorship-resistant) messaging services. They’re proving that users don’t have to compromise; the sky is the limit. :heart: I too am looking forward to seeing what third parties begin to build atop this tech!


I’m in the same situation - with both, Ledger and Keycard. And Keycard is way more convenient because of its size. Then Status app is great, and I’d love to use it with my card. But I’m definitely not switching to Android so I can use my card. With the endless posts on Reddit how malicious wallet apps can be downloaded from the Play Store, I don’t see my self taking the risk with Google. Anyway, I’ll wait and use it as soon as it gets available in Status iOS or some other wallets.

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BTW, is there a list of apps currently working on implementing Keycard? I searched on google but all I got were hotel cards and door keys.

While it’s even easier to download unsafe cryptocurrency wallet apps on Android OS, that doesn’t mean you should trust an app simply because Apple approved it for the iOS App Store. There are plenty of cryptocurrency wallet iOS apps which are not built from open source code, and I can’t believe that people are trusting them with their funds while there are open source options available. In fact, I found Status before it even was released in the iOS App Store while looking for a cryptocurrency wallet that I could trust. :slight_smile: You definitely don’t need to give up the additional privacy and security that Apple devices provide, you just have to be patient.

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Oh no, I wouldn’t just trust an app because it’s on AppStore. I’m far from this thought. But at least we see far less cases of malicious apps on the iOS store.

But anyway, I like what this guys are doing, so I’ll just wait till we get for iOS, or may be BOB :slight_smile: