Keycard ecommerce site - update

I have been working on a website to sell and dispatch Keycards. This is an update about the status of this project.

Production status as of 17/03 :hammer_and_wrench:

First off, Keycards are being built as we speak. However the printing of the packages took some more time than planned. So we’ll have our first 2k products with packaging by 30/03 (2 weeks delay).

We’ll thus ship on 30/03 products to developers who signed up to evaluate Keycard.

Ecommerce site status

This site is built on Shopify platform.

Currently done (outlining some limitations of this first version of the site)

  • Respect of VAT exemption rules in Europe : if a business can register his VAT number, if it is correct then he’s exempt of VAT. No VAT outside Europe.

  • 10 keycards max per order (had to decide this to plan type packages/shipping costs etc.)

  • Shipment done worldwide (no tracking offered) :earth_americas:

  • Free shipping - always included in the price

  • Use DHL Global Mail for shipping : advantage is cost effectiveness and is really global, default is can take up 6-12 days for remote locations

  • All FIAT sales are shown & done in euros :credit_card:

  • Crypto sales are done through coinbase commerce and thus only BTC, ETH, LTC are available

  • Automatic invoice sent to customer (to avoid customer requests)

  • Semi-automated user portal for returns and exchange requests

  • Email notifications on order & fulfillment of the order

  • Rem: Only Keycard product for now is available (no USB reader)


  • site itself (product page, legal pages, customizing the themes for various issues)

  • Automated shipment requests and acknowledgement with the factory (lots of work & tests & adjustments there for our custom scripts) :factory:

To be studied/done:

  • Integration with Status accounting system


  • The site will need to be tested, and I will ask you guys your help to give feedback as users on the design of the site, content of the emails you receive as a customer during order creation and fulfillment etc

  • I will send you some info this week so that you can play on with the site, and use fake credit cards to pass orders.

Further versions of the site

Once a first version of the site with the listed limitations above will be live, we can think about improving the following

  • Sell in local currencies :currency_exchange:

  • Automatically detect country of users and display the price without / with VAT depending on country

  • Pay in SNT

  • Allow premium shipment with tracking number

  • Propose a USB reader


I have a beta version of the site to share with you all. We have 8 days to make this site better :slight_smile: since Keycards will be ready to ship on 01/04

It would be very helpful if some of you can play around with the site, and provide feedbacks/questions/improvements !

Please note:

  • This site is a beta
  • Orders will NOT be fullfilled
  • Do not pay with crypto payments for the order, they will go through, but you won’t receive a card :slight_smile:

What you can do with the site:

  • order one or several Keycard (you can create an account or not, your choice). If you want to simulate an exemption of VAT you need to create an account and enter a valid business VAT number, outside of Germany.
  • enter your shipping/billing address(es) just like you would. Real world examples are encouraged.
  • pay with a DUMMY VISA (see list below)
  • also check all pages (terms, refunds, shipping, legal, vat pages etc.), enter strange parameters, anything you want to try to hack it :gear:

Once your order is passed, and later on next week, I will do a simulation of fullfillment and you will receive a confirmation the order has been shipped (it won"t actually). From there, would be nice too, if some of you you can try to ask for a return to test the full process (I let you try to find out how :)).

To access the site:

  • go to
  • click on ‘Get My Keycard’
  • the shop is protected by a password, I’ll send it by email to all core contributors.


Name on card: Enter at least two words.
Expiry date: Enter any date in the future.
CVV: Enter any three digits.

Card number, use the following numbers:

  • VISA, just pick one of those randomly, independantly from the country you specified in your adress(es)
    USA 4242 4242 4242 4242
    Australia 4000 0003 6000 0000
    Canada 4000 0012 4000 0000
    Germany 4000 0027 6000 0016
    Hong Kong/China 4000 0034 4000 0004
    Japan 4000 0039 2000 0003
    United Kingdom 4000 0082 6000 0000

  • Or
    Mastercard: 5555555555554444
    American Express: 378282246310005


The whole shop seems ok for a web2, sell easy and fast, its looks nice as well.

Crypto purists freak out when “powered by Google” appears in the webpage, but Google buy this data from credit card companies anyway.
And Coinbase… Great, at least they provide a lot of convenience at cost of privacy, fees and their authority.

It’s understandable due the legal complications on doing this whole selling process on the blockchain for Status, but if I was just some guy making cryptocards in the garage I would totally sell directly in crypto.

BTW, this website as it is would add at least 4 items to wall of shame: 1. using credit cards, 2. using google, 3. using coinbase, 4. using myshopify.

I agree with @ricardo3 here. It’s a very comfy and sleek web2 experience. It could use some web3 love though.

It took me 3 hours to go from zero to functioning web shop powered by WP (open source) with Woocommerce (open source) and accepting payments via Paypal (ehhh… covers credit cards as well, so might as well have one gateway of evil for those who pay with evil fiat) and crypto via Kyber, no fee, direct deposit to wallet. Maybe consider that for crypto at least instead of Coinbase? Would also be more in line with the assets that the keycard works with, no?

Thanks very much for the feedback! Yes, we miss being able to use ERC20, and using an open source solution.

I I were to restart the work right now I would use word press + woo commerce for sure.

I propose:

  • let’s continue to gather feedback on this shopify version and bring it live
  • once the launch is done and smooth (developers keycard shipped, site able to take orders and ship them automatically), I can build the site on another platform (wp+woo commerce) and use KMD for ERC20 payments
  • I won’t do this right now because there is obviously (much) more than 3h hours of work done here, with it mostly being not visible because it’s back end management of VAT, automatic invoicing, return portal management, automatic order shipping with 3pl, automatic order shipment update with 3pl, email follow-up of the status of orders with the customer etc.
  • the good thing is that this second iteration will refactor a nice part of the work already done

all forms work as intended, and ignore / give errors for incorrect types of input (shopify has good form validation).

Looking forward to trying to break other parts later.

Nice work @guylouis ! Few notes from my side:

  1. I don’t think that we need this other title here. We are already on the keycard website (logo on the right top), and we have only one item in our shop.
  2. Since we have only one title in the shop “Add to cart button” also looks like redundant. If we had a few items on different pages, it would be helpful to have such functionality. But in our circumstances, it seems unnecessary.

Also, this page doesn’t need a search I guess.

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for a future wordpress + woocommerce crypto integration, there’s a woocommerce plugin Redirect

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(logging here further improvements needed on our site)

- filter out addresses using special non ASCII characters
Shopify accepts users to use UTF8 characters for addresses for shipments, however DHL does not.
It’s not possible to customize that in Shopify unless we pay for the top tier type of account. For now, we have added a warning message for the user to use only english characters. However if he does not we face an issue that has to be handle on a case by case basis

Keycard arrived quickly. Thanks status team!

(logging updates done on site)

*Completed automatic mail sent at shipment with following onboarding information

- Main documentation site - the most comprehensive technical documentation about Keycard
- GitHub - check out the repo
- Status - Join the public channel #status-keycard
- Discussions - Our public forum on Discuss
- Twitter - Follow us on Twitter for the latest news

As an update, we got kicked out by two debit card payment provider (first Shopify Payments, now Stripe) because we also support payment in crypto (through Coinbase) on our site which makes us, it seems, look like a risky business, not worth (too risky) working with :slight_smile:

I am now trying to work with

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If anyone knows a payment provider that:

  • accepts VISA payments
  • do not fear and turn down crypto businesses
  • can be integrated in shopify

Just ping me :slight_smile: they are not so common …

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I would check out

we got lucky with who are crypto friendly



(quick update)
DAI is now accepted to pay for keycards on our ecommerce site


so cool, well done :clap:

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(update to the countries we’re shipping Keycard to. 25/11)

This has been updated on our website shipping policy

Due to COVID19, the following countries are still NOT eligible to delivery by our partner DHL Global Mail:

Bahamas Belize Bolivia Brunei Darussalam Cape Verde Cayman Islands Chile Dominica French Guiana French Polynesia Guadeloupe Guinea-Bissau Guyana Laos Libya Martinique Mauritius Myanmar New Caledonia Reunion Sao Tome and Principe St. Kitts and Nevis St. Vincent Turkmenistan Venezuela

Please note that service has been re-instated to

Australia Burundi Congo Congo, Dem. Republic Comoros Cuba Djibouti Fiji Gambia Grenada Haiti Honduras Iran Liberia Mali Mongolia New Zealand Nicaragua Papua New Guinea Samoa Seychelles Somalia Sudan Suriname Syria Tuvalu Vanuatu Wallis and Futuna Western Sahara Yemen