Keycard on iOS 13

A quick test to confirm we can use the Keycard on iOS 13 using the new CoreNFC API to send custom APDU commands:

/cc @michele @guylouis @dmitryn

Thanks @michele for the select command test. I added a custom code to send a signPinless apdu command.



Is it iOS 13 only? looks impressive anyway!

Wow, great, it works! Thanks @gravityblast for testing the app, so I can go on with the rest of the SDK.

@nastya: yes, iOS13 only unfortunately

A quick heads-up: since we’ve now confirmed that we will be able to use Keycard with iOS13, we’ve started to work on a swift SDK for Keycard.

Here’s the github repo GitHub - status-im/Keycard.swift

It’s open for contribution and we’ve listed issues the community can work on.


So there is no way of doing this for Android?

everything is already implemented in Android, but iOS didn’t have these APIs open until version 13

Felt this thread could use an update with a link to the Keycard Swift SDK repo here : GitHub - status-im/Keycard.swift