Keycard packaging feedback - iteration 1

Hi @team your feedback is required.

We are now in the initial phase of getting our supplier SELP to produce the first working version of the hard wallet and the packaging to accompany it. Our ultimate aim is to produce a product that can stand-alone and has little to no ties to Status; in turn allowing for the easy adoption of the keycard by third party users and future projects. But in here lies the current issue.

At present we have very limited UX and marketing feedback to inform any of our design decisions which will ultimately enlighten @Ned and myself as to how we create the whole look and feel of the product. Without this we aren’t able to produce an effective and s**t hot hard wallet that the world will be desperate to use.

The issue. Despite not having the above we still need to produce a first iteration of the packaging and thus some kind of an identity (logotype/mark). Please see the [figma file] with the proposed first iteration (

As discussed with @jonathan the target audience for this first iteration isn’t likely to be that focused on a polished product, so have stuck closely to the layout and packaging that many saw at #cryptolife/Devcon. The exception here is a change in colour and most importantly the fledglings of a logotype/mark that is not linked to Status. A couple of questions have been asked which we would like some assistance with:

  1. We will still need to use Status wording in the instructions and important info booklet (seed phrase, PUK etc.) as its very much tied to the app. Yet we ultimately want ‘keycard’ to be a stand-alone product. How do we broach this in this first iteration?

  2. The keycard only currently functions with Status, should we keep the Status branding present in this iteration and look to move away in the next (early 2019)?

With the royal blue option we have proposed a pale blue opaque card similar to the samples that we’re supplied. The idea here being to reflect our principles on transparency.

With the black option we would have a solid black card, possibly more premium/quality feel?

Feedback on the above and any other design element is much appreciated :slight_smile:


I personally believe in a ship early, ship often approach and iteratively improve things. Having that in mind, I’d probably vote for just putting “Status” on there for now, as much as needed and once we have user base and Keycard is supported by other apps as well, we could release another Keycard that “officially” supports third-party apps.

The keycard only currently functions with Status, should we keep the Status branding present in this iteration and look to move away in the next (early 2019)?

Ah yea, I should’ve read the whole post. Pretty much this ^

Thanks @Alex

For the branding, I basically agree with you two, and at this stage we have to compromise. The overall brand direction is to distanciate from Status, but for now, and for the first lot produced the only client that will work with keycard is Status. I liked @denis idea during the weekly to have mention of Status on the leaflet only:

  • on the outer packaging the branding is Keycard only
  • on the inside of packaging we don’t print anymore the start here section
  • we refactor the booklet with instructions on how to use the keycard with Status. The content will be how to start (download status, launch it) and infos about he secrets, and some place to write them.

As per the color, I personally find the black one more classy.

If we go for the blue one, I don’t understand your proposition for the finish of the cards, in your link the cards are transparent I believe, and ours is opaque.


Thanks @PascalPrecht @guylouis for the insights. It seems like we’ve some middle ground for the time being to place the keycard brand.

Nice one @denis this makes things a lot cleaner.

Now that we’ve removed the ‘Start here’ section from the packing, this will sit in the booklet. We will need to go back and look at how we organise this and place the info (do we need to update the copy? maybe get @stacey to take a look), it will also increase the booklet thickness and size from 8pp to 10pp, figma file.

To clarify here. The card accompanying the royal blue packaging I propose would be opaque blue similar to the ‘Pack Jeunes’ sample SELP had supplied as oppose to solid black in the black option. We’re both agreed, fully transparent is a no go :no_entry_sign:.

As a subtle visual cue to align the keycard with Status, optioning blue for the paper stock could work well. The paper samples SELP have sent look and feel great!

Not a fan of the pale blue, and think that this first iteration of the keycard should have status branding since it will only work with the status wallet. Prefer the status blue with Alex’s new keycard icon in white. i like the icon very much.

Cheers for the feedback. What are peoples thoughts on a solid blue card? Save the opaque card for a later iteration?

  • as per the card, I personnally like when it’s the same color as the packaging, and I am not fan of the pale blue either. We also need to define if it’s going to be mat or shiny, or we could also apply selective varnish (only some parts are shiny, for an upcost of 0.15€, if we believe it brings a strong plus)

  • as per the booklet, I’ll come back to you before end of the day on some suggestions on possible re-shuffling of pages and sentences.

  • as per the paper color, we need to chose something. I have a light preference for darker tones (your black or the dark blue you got as a paper sample), michael a preference for a status blue, and no other feedback if I’m right. Maybe you can check with @Ned that also has some paper samples what he thinks.

  • for the overall branding, I’d suggest to stick to what was discussed on status-marketing and status-brand channels last week, and keep distance from status brand. I’d keep mentions of status on the booklet only if that’s ok for you all.

  • as for planning the absolute deadline to provide definition to the factory is Monday 10/12.

i suggest that the only status reference in branding for this iteration be the blue used for card and packaging, and status only mentioned on packaging in text form with no logo, and just Status REsearch company address in switzerland, would be very classy and inspire confidence - so just a starapline in 12 point type on the back of the packaging and on the back page of the booklet itself.


I really like the idea too

Smart :ok_hand: will be sure to add the Status Research address to back cover and reverse of important info booklet.

So far for the card we have optioned:

  • Matte card in Status blue (Pantone 2726 C) including edges of the card
  • ‘Keycard’ and logo to be foiled (varnished) white, gloss.

The important info booklet:

  • White 10pp booklet with blue print throughout.
  • Will work with two samples concertina and mini bound booklet (saddle stitch) to see which sits best.

The packaging:

  • As stated in the email thread if they can print the exact Status Pantone ref for the colour, then soft touch laminate that would be ideal as this will then align nicely with the card.

Will update all artwork and share in here.

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excellent, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Quick question to all.

Are we for or against the nfc icon in the top right of the card?

  • Yes
  • No
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yes, it should be there; from a design standpoint can i make a suggestion that the icon is same size, and to the left of the chip, and that the keycard logo is the same height of the chip, centered vertically on the chip?

Positioning of the nfc icon, we have 9 different positions.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
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I voted for 1, however I don’t see the difference with option 4

The size of the keycard icon is larger in #4

Note, your vote will be reflected until you reload the page after the vote.

My question will be: do we have to have this icon on the card?

Yeh, I wondered that in the initial vote. I think its a requirement.

Artwork now ready to shipped to SELP for approval.

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