Keycard stand alone utility can be the catalyst for the entire Network


My name is Rugi and I new to the STATUS community.

I feel that STATUS is a great project with a strong team. I love the decentralized structure of the company and the belief system that underpins the direction.

I believe that the promotion of Keycard as a low cost alternative to Trezor/Nano and other hard wallets can result in mass increase in STATUS app download and be the catalyst of the entire Status ecosystem.

The key card has stand alone utility as a low cost hard wallet alternative to Trezor, nano and other hardwallets. Due to Credit card like design STATUS should be able to sell keycard at a lower price point and offer greater add on benefits than all its rivals.

A payment ecosystem and other parts of the status ecosystem need network effects for true utility. Thus incurring the chicken and the egg problem. The keycard is an effective way to get around the chicken and egg problem by providing a user something that has instant value outside of network effects. STATUS can build out the payment system infrastructure at the same time as marketing Keycard as a hard wallet.

Keycard potential marketing channels:

* Crypto & non crypto influencer campaign (unboxing, Interviews, Use case analysis)
  * The keycard is a new technology that people can feel and touch and interest general tech reviewers. Getting this segment of influencers to review Keycard can drastically expand pool of potential users beyond crypto enthusiasts
* Robust affiliate program to attract motivated entrepreneurs at no up front cost
  * Can gain a lot of insight and guidance on the model in which new users are given $50 in MCO tokens when they purchase a certain quantity of tokens. claims they have 1 million+ app downloads

The team at STATUS has done an amazing job over the last few years building critical parts of decentralized infrastructure. I believe that keycard is the key catalyst in bringing everything together towards mass adoption. I would love any feedback from people on my thoughts here. I would like be of help to the team in any way I can.



Hi Rugi,

Thanks for the suggestion, I totally agree with you into “Keycard will make Status famous”, I am also very excited about Keycard, I think is a state of art solution, not only because it’s a good solution, but also because it’s free software.

Do you know that anyone can make their own Keycard buy buying raw cards, optionally print your art and sell it? This is possible because it’s all open source!

One of the points you suggested as a marketing channel, I already suggested to @jonathan , is good to have your input as well, and the others you mentioned also are really good!

Much love <3

Thanks @ricardo3 for the comments!

I did not know that people could buy raw cards or print art and sell it. There are so many opportunities for white-labeling as well for marketing focused companies to to take advantage of STATUS technology. I really feel like this is a game changer that can propel the use cases for all other parts of the ecosystem.

It would be useful to create Marketing Matrix of some of the wallets, solutions like, and others that have achieved a significant level of downloads as well as the leading hardwallets like Trezor and Nano. This would allow us to see which type of efforts that they used to achieve their milestones. There is a lot of knowledge that is already out in public domain that STATUS can learn from to promote Keycard

I am very excited and look forward to seeing how this all developss

solutions like

I don’t think we can use this as example, because this company have trustful vision, instead of trustless. They say in their website: Act As Owners: We're trusted to do the right thing.
Perhaps some knowledgbe from their marketing can be extracted, but Status is fundamentally different.

In Keycard users are owners of their own keys, and also the only ones responsible for them, Status have no absolute control over the software, all it can do it’s release new versions.

For example, Status is also building a crypto-fiat solution, but its p2p, see Status teller network GitHub - status-im/status-teller-network: DApp which provides a platform for borderless, peer-to-peer, fiat-to-crypto echanges that allows Stakeholders to find nearby users to exchange their cash for digital assets and currency. Status Teller Network there is no middleman, you can have an optional arbiter which both sides agree on.

Take some time to read our principles, which is our guidelines to decide if something is good or not.

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thanks @ricardo3 .I was referring to some of their marketing strategies that led them to have 1 million+ downloads is what can be learned from. They seem to be particularly effective in their affilate marketing strategy. has a completly different ethos that is much less interesting that STATUS.

I really like the idea of crypto-fiat solution with no middleman. I feel that the entry and exit points of crypto are some of the biggest hurdles to mass adoption. A crypto-fiat solution like Teller Network combined with the utility of Keycard can be a killer application.

Thanks for feedback and guidelines about community principles. The Ethos of STATUS is what first excited me about the project. In particular:

I. Liberty
We believe in the sovereignty of individuals. As a platform that stands for the cause of personal liberty, we aim to maximize social, political, and economic freedoms. This includes being coercion-resistant.

II. Censorship resistance
We enable free flow of information. No content is under surveillance. We abide by the cryptoeconomic design principle of censorship resistance. Even stronger, Status is an agnostic platform for information.

IV. Privacy
Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world. For us, it’s essential to protect privacy in both communications and transactions, as well as being a pseudo-anonymous platform. Additionally, we strive to provide the right of total anonymity.

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I was thinking in something about " affilate marketing " aswell, a great idea for Teller Network!

There is a fundamental problem in crypto, users need GAS to run transactions, a new users dont have gas, so how they can participate in the teller network. The GAS is important to prevent spam in the system.

Therefore the idea was that we could use the affiliate system pay the gas, and this gas is charged back as there is some fee got by the affiliate program, and the system would be free of spam because the affiliate would not pay to someone that will not succeed the transaction, as therefore it wont pay back the fee.

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@ricardo3 that is a great use case for an affiliate program. I previously did not think of the “GAS” problem as having potential in an affiliate program before reading your post. There can be several different ways that STATUS can motivate affiliates in a win-win situation for everyone to expand adoption.

Is there a blog post or resource material that explains the Teller Network in more detail? I am interested in learning more about Teller Network.

I believe the Fiat-crypto bridge is one of the core problems that needs to be solved for mass adoption. Fiat-Crypto Combined with Keycard could be a real force and change the game.

See and Redirecting...

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@ricardo3 thanks for this resource…I will review

Hey @Rugi - welcome and thanks for your detailed write up on keycard potential!

Regarding Marketing - you nailed the potential marketing channels above. Influencer campaigns as well as a potential affiliate program can help this once it is in production and ready for mass adoption.

We can also produce a ton of owned and user generated content including demos, unboxing, case studies of new and interesting use cases for the product.

We have a bit of time before these strategies will really be effective. So have some time to properly plan this out. I think the plan is also to bring on a dedicated marketing team for Keycard (as it is so important as you say). Would love to hear any other ideas you may have as well. Perhaps we continue to drop ideas in this thread.


@jonathan thanks so much for the kind words. It is really exciting to see the vision that your team has come up with. I will continue to share some ideas on this thread. there are so many potential ways to market Keycard and promote the entire status network at the same time.

@jonathan Its great that Status has some time to properly plan things out for the Keycard marketing roll-out.

I think it could be good idea to create a Competition Marketing Matrix report. What I am suggesting is doing an analysis for marketing purposes on relevant companies/projects that have successfully marketed their product/service and learn from their collective experiences.

To start I think the following 5 companies/projects would be good to analyze, 1) Basic Attention Token - Brave browser 2) - debit card 3) Trezor 4) nano 5) Bitbox. Five more projects/companies should be analyzed.It would be good to get input from team/community of other projects marketing efforts that they think should analyzed.

  • Youtube presence
    • Compile a list of all the top youtube videos that feature product/company. This list serves dual purposes. 1) Identifies potential youtubers that can promote keycard 2) It can serve as a list of channels that keycard can run preroll youtube advertisements
  • Affiliate Models
    • Creat a matrix of the relevant products/companies affiliate models. This will allow Status to see how all the different programs stack up against each other. With this knowledge Status can come up with a unique affiliate program that is a win win for all parties involved
  • Retailer Analysis
    • Find all the outlets that sell the various hard wallets online. These outlets are great prospects to retail keycard
  • presence - number one retailer in world
    • Find out which of the competition is using amazon and to what degree are they using amazon and to see if they are using sponsored posts and have higher level stores on Amazon.
  • Search Term Analysis
    • Research all relevant keywords. This will show us the ranking sites for the keywords (which can become affiliates) and also can give us better direction on what words to emphasis in blogposts and other communication mediums
  • Google Search Analysis
    • Go through the google search terms related to product/project and put find the top sites that have articles, reviews about the product/project
      • . This is a good way to find compile potential affiliates in a spreadsheet

I think a detailed report outlining everything above could be accomplished in a few weeks. It would be a useful additional resource to create a comprehensive multidimensional marketing approach.

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