Kudos DApp mk II

Hey everyone!
The new version of the Kudos DApp that includes the upgrades done during the buidlweek is available now!, kudos to Jonathan and Ceri for this!



Wait! what happens with my SNT and Kudos?
Don’t worry, mis amigos! not all is lost! you can still access the old version of the DApp in this link, and it will work just fine! Meritocracy
Aren’t decentralized apps great? :slight_smile:

Why can’t I see the kudos I have received?
A new contract was deployed with changes that will make easier the process managing the Dapp. Future versions will have a migration procedure to keep all the kudos history in the same place.

What’s the new contract address?

Old contract is can be found on this address: 0x3d8ec98c08b55ec42310aace562e077d784591d6

If you see any bug, please let us know!


Kudos too to Hester for the design! I know that it still doesn’t look exactly like the designs here: https://www.figma.com/file/SpOzKYfIb3x7HEGPLSC0x16b/Status-Meritocracy-HB?node-id=0%3A1 but that will come with the next version :slight_smile:


Awesome @rramos! And love the Meritocracy robocop.

Three bugs I noticed:

  • Select a contributor, but any amount I enter is displayed as ‘0’
  • Next button arrow is blue when button is disabled (should be grey)
  • Register has a dead link at the moment; assuming we haven’t defined where it should go
  • Have some ideas on how to fancyfy the Status icon with +5. To be a medium style clap to enter amount. This is future music, could be a bounty maybe

Ah! the first one is not a bug, but a behavior product of not having SNT to allocate. In the next cycle which I believe starts tomorrow, contributors should have tokens to award!
In regards to the other comments, I’ll register them as issues in the repo. Thank you!


Nice :slight_smile:

@rramos Looks like you are not using EIP1577 to link the ENS name to IPFS. Could you switch to it? Others methods will be deprecated soon.

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