Learning and Development

Not all of us have the same depth of understanding of our fundamental values, mission, and of the ecosystem we’re operating in.

Our Onboarding has not yet filled that gap, and we discussed during our recent team offsite how to solve that problem, as well as how our onboarding efforts could line up with more open and decentralized L&D efforts. For starters, we haven’t been explicit enough that learning is part of becoming a better contributor. Allocating some part of your work week to undisturbed learning is absolutely supported; openly discuss with the people you’re working with what’s the best way to schedule it.

Process-wise, we identified what efforts are already existing (and can be better), and other ideas we’d like to try. The questions in bold are still open and I’d love your feedback by end of day on August 15th. I’m also looking for volunteers to help out on setting up the program, coordinating and tweaking - so if you’re interested, please make yourself be heard!


Immersion Track

  • Split Core Contributors into cohorts
  • Cohorts will go through this content. The content is still provisional - let us know if you have better resources to link there than what we came up with!
  • It would be awesome if buddies discuss the immersion during their chats.
  • Have dedicated Slack channels (or whatever other format people choose) per each cohort to discuss the progress on the material and learn from each other.
  • Have a monthly dedicated AMA/hangout with Carl & Jarrad, to talk through our history and vision.

Does it sound like a good idea?
Are the resources/ideas we listed in the challenge good enough? I’d like to add more, for example, on Security - but at a loss of what would be good there.
Should we have multiple parallel tracks, based on specialties (technical folks might need different type of information from non-technical)?

Improve Tech Talks & Shared Learning

  • Consolidate Tech Talks topics and scheduling
  • Make recorded Tech Talks easily accessible (on handbook.status or another domain) - now they’re a bit scattered over You Tube
  • Research other platforms/ways to share knowledge amongst CC’s
  • Look into external speakers - what topics would be good to discuss, and who would be good for that?
  • Coordinate with Akshi & Status Studio to keep things relevant, consistent, easy to access and de-duped.


Our discussion was almost entirely on the “learning” piece and we didn’t have much output on “development” yet. (i.e. skills training, courses, etc). We’d like to explore both e-modules and irl formats.

What do you need today, in six months, in one year to make sure you’re able to develop the skills you need?


Loving all the links around Project Flatten and the work happening here! One, minor point after reading it all.

I really feel that any of the Learning specific stuf ought to happen in Status itself, a this dovetails nicely with #status-everyday and will serve as the correct medium in which to learn most about Status and cryptocurrencies in general.

Tech Talks are likely to be consolidated in the podcast page, it looks like. We’ll have podcasts, tech talks and town halls up there from the initial version of the site I have seen.

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I think it is a great idea!

Though, I want to talk as a “representative” of the people who prefer to do that on their own. For me, personally, learning new stuff is fun. Until there is some “track” from a company that I have to follow. That kills all the fun for me in a second.
So, I just want to us to to still keep a safe opt-out of any kind of formal learning for myself and people like me :wink:


Update on what happens next :sunny:

For the cultural intro:

  • During the next 2 weeks, we’ll (@ceri <3) create signup forms for cohorts of ~ 8 people, who can start the learning as detailed here
  • Each cohort will have a 1 hr hangout weekly on Fridays, to ask each other questions, share knowledge and challenges, etc. 1 People Ops person will also be there to facilitate the session and keep track of recurrent pain points/solutions to keep things smooth and relevant.
  • Cohort members who’re already familiar with parts of the content can use the opportunity to share with others.
  • Try Status groups in the app to communicate with each other instead of Slack
  • As Status Studio progresses, most of the modules will likely be covered there, and we’ll shift new core contributors to that platform
  • New CC’s are being added to #idea-jam by default

Tech Talks

  • Schedule yourself here!
  • Podcasts.status.im looks like the perfect place to post all of our video content
  • Let us know what you feel you’re missing - we can invite external speakers to run a virtual session, too.

I’m going to be afk the coming two weeks - @ceri will be here to follow up in case of questions :bowing_woman: