Learning circle pilot

Following on from this post about personal development at Status, we’re opening signups for our first learning circle cohort.

What is a learning circle?
A group of peers gathering weekly to share and learn with one another. Everyone has something to contribute, and also to learn. There is no teacher, no fixed curriculum, and no structure. A learning circle is an interactive and safe space where contributors can gather to bounce ideas with one another.

What’s the time commitment?
This is an experimental idea, and the first cohort is planned as six, one-hour weekly sessions, with optional 30 minutes prep time in advance of each session. Depending on how it goes and how people find the idea, we may iterate on it in future.

How does it work?
Each weekly session will have a theme or topic. Circle members will be given some reading ideas ahead of each session, and will be invited to add their favourite resources, articles, books, and videos to the reading list. In this way, each participant shapes the learning experience for others, and everyone benefits from each others’ found knowledge. There will be spontaneous challenges to complete along the way.

The weekly sessions will recap on the various materials, and be a chance for participants to reflect and discuss what they’ve learned.

If themes unearth more questions than answers during the session time, we’ll bring in specialists to provide additional training (these could be internal or external).

We’re looking for volunteers to go through this pilot with us and help shape this idea for future cohorts. Are you excited about learning, and interested in creating something which will benefit other contributors? If so, you can click to sign up here.

This is a rough plan of discussion topics for each week (these are totally open to flexing depending on what each circle feels would be most beneficial):

  • Getting to know one another & building empathy
  • Using the Status app
  • Common worries - impostor syndrome, managing stress, and psychological safety
  • Using cryptocurrency, & the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Community & the experience of contributing to Status
  • DAOificiation.

Thanks, and happy to answer any questions! :slight_smile:

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