Learnup #4 - QML Architecture discussion for the desktop application

Our next Learnup will take place on Thursday 30th September at 12pm UTC 1 1 (1 pm UK time, 2pm CEST) hosted by the wonderful Alex.

A brief description:

Ideally in a QML application, there should be no dependencies between files, that said, a single QML file should be runnable with qmlscene. Also, it should be possible to switch backends, enabling this way for example to run the application with both a simulation backend and the real one. As most UI changes do not need the backend or to be built in order to see a change in QML it would be faster and more productive to be able to work with multiple backends speeding up the development. The Neptune 3 UI is part of the Qt Automotive Suite and implements the Core UI architecture which could be adapted from any application in order to have a clean, scalable and maintainable code base and structure.

In this session, you’ll see a presentation of Neptune 3 UI and the basic concepts of the Core UI architecture and we’ll get the chance to discuss if and how we could adapt this in Status desktop. More can be found here under Various Notes → Proposals.

The session will be recorded and If you have any questions in advance, please post them below and Alex will try and answer them in the session!

Massive thanks to Alex for hosting this session!

cc @alex99

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