Let's vote to find a good name for our hardwallet

Our hardwallet is becoming a reality! We have ordered 10k pieces to our factory, and we will thus have end of January real products to sell. It’s time to decide for a name for this product, and not go back (these are physical products, the name is going to be printed on them :slightly_smiling_face: )

The name will go through a vote (goal is to start the vote on 23/11) and we need to gather your ideas for the name of this product.

This card :credit_card: will be used in different manners:

  • Status users will be able to use it to login Status & to sign their transactions safely.

  • Other mobile wallets will integrate it to give their users control over their private keys. These other wallets will either manufacture their own cards, or ask us to run branded production, or for some (which is what matter for this question of our naming) will point out to us and say « Our wallet is compatible with Status key card, go and get it on this webstore xxx"

  • Other developers/projects that want to build things and need cards to work with

Here are some thoughts @Obi had put into this.

And here’s the result of our brainstorm in Prague, with the name we considered:

  • Status Hardware wallet

  • Status Keycard

  • Status Card

  • Status Secure Wallet

  • Status Wallet

  • Status Safe

Your thoughts would be appreciated :heart::heart: New ideas and suggestions will be taken into account in the vote!


Actually let me me add something, related to our branding strategy

All those suggestions above are “Status xxxx”, and most of them can’t even be called without Status in front of them e.g you can’t say "Go get your self a ‘Safe’ or ‘Wallet’ etc.)

To facilitate distribution of this product I think it would be interesting that this product can also be called without mentioning Status all the time. Ideally users should be able to say “go get yourself a XXX, bla bla, it’s done by Status”.

It’s a matter of deciding how we brand our products.

Some might think it’s a detail, but this can have an impact if if we distribute our product in a network of reseller just like those: just check Trezor list or Ledger List.

Th choice is about finding a name that’s either:

  • strongly related to our brand (and can’t be dissociated): e.g “Status card”
  • or with an existence per say, and yes, actually they are done by status: e.g (“Embark, by Status”)

So bring on your ideas :bulb::bulb::bulb: of unique names:

  • S-pass
  • Blue card
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Just to throw in another idea:

Status Trezor

In general I like it when names are short and precise.

Hello, I started a notes doc where we can add them here:


Also added a few thoughts on this.

Also something that can be named shortly:
Status Chain Pass (“don’t forget to take your chain-pass”)

SafeBlue, by Status :wink:


Shaving Razors inspired naming convention:

Status Touch

Status Xtra

Status Protect

Status Pro

Status Titanium

  • Stasis (no Status prefix)
  • Stash (no Status prefix)
  • Status K (logo is a tusk, heyooo, plus it’s “K” for okay and key)
  • Status Me


[I’d like a name that emphasises the product’s security]

Status Secure
Status SecureCard

Stan: the status network keycard.

Because attributing a personal nature to a keycard feels fun, and the morphology of STAN evokes the STAtus Network, which is what we’ll be when this keycard hits the market.

I like simple such as Status keycard, however here’s my two cents :slight_smile:

-SIM Card by Status (SIM = Status IM)

  • SIM by Status (SIM = Status IM)

  • Seed by Status

  • Seed Vault

  • Status Lite

  • Docket by Status

  • Teller Card

  • Pocket by Status

  • Lockit by Status

  • Fortune card

  • FLAT card by Status

  • HODL Lite

  • Status touch

  • One Touch

-TAPit by Status (TAP = Touch and protect)

My favourite so far are Stan and Stash. I think we want it short, memetic and starting with Sta but not including Status itself… :heart: (SIM was kinda nice, but that will likely be confusing, and TAPit sounded good on the touch and protect because the physicality of these cards is crucial, but saying it a few times over made it sound a bit weird and plastic-y, no offence intended).

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My favorite so far is Stash.

I like Keycard because it’s self-explanatory, and it can be a standard used by other projects. Ours can be the Status Keycard, and another project implementing the same standard can call it ProjectName Keycard.


I like Keycard because it describes exactly what it is and doesn’t sound scary/weird to someone new entering this space.


To me keycard explains WHAT it is but does not convey product/branding. So I’d personally sooner use keycard as a suffix (Stash keycard) than as the name of the product on its own. That said, Status Keycard conveys it all quite nicely so as a two word name that’d be quite alright, if a bit generic.

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Status Liberty

Status Hard One

Status Tile

Status Dagobert

Status Wolfram

Status Pluto

Status Gimo (Cutest Cat Ever)

That’s what you should call your Status body suit instead :joy:

I’m happy to go with Keycard tbh, though this has been fun… Also, we should have a formal vote, obvs.


I also like Status Keycard because there is no other large consumer products on the market with that name. It has the opportunity (fingers crossed) to become the Kleenex of the hardware wallet market.

  • “Hey don’t forget your keycard” even when referring to a Trezor, or
  • “Oh is that the Apple Keycard?” ← similar to “Is that the Samsung iPhone?”